System of Natural Healing

The Usui system of natural healing is an art of channelling Universal Energy as a form of hands on healing. It was rediscovered in Japan in the late 1800’s by Dr Mikeo Usui in some Sanskrit writings, which were 2500 years old.

This system of healing uses hand positions on the body to allow for a universal energy to travel through the practitioner and is received in a gentle and calm way. Most people receiving this healing treatment will drift off quietly to sleep. At all times you are fully clothed with a blanket over the body whilst you relax

The benefits from this system are that it is general and can be used for all types of ailments both physical and emotional. It is also very helpful when someone is just general not feeling well. It has achieved remarkable results and is practiced in many hospitals across the world.

It has been seen that injury or physical illness can benefit from this from pain relief to faster healing and less trauma. To emotional stress it allows for a rebalance of the mind and body. When someone feels " Stuck in their lives” it provides a new pure energy that helps people start to look at things in a more positive way, leading to much change and benefit to the recipient.

As a therapy it is deeply relaxing, working on all levels to re-balance the spiritual, emotional, mental and physical giving one a feeling of well-being, peace and tranquility.

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