We use a method of meditation developed by Healing the Soul to help with both physical and emotional healing. 

The healing meditation we teach bring you in line with your inner soul and are relaxing, informative and provide you with the comfort of reviewing your life from an emotional distance, which often produces clarity for yourself. 

We have practiced this form of meditation for over 10 years at Healing The Soul. You can decide to use it to de stress, sleep, or to take it further into mind travelling and healing. 

We teach how to get in touch with your spiritual self, reaching an internal depth where healing can take place. This healing state enables you to calmly and without emotional attachment review your own situations. As you become detached from your own limiting beliefs and emotional conditioning it provides the tools to clear and re address your life in a calm and loving manner. 

We teach this method in groups and in one to one sessions. We first will teach this method individually so that our full attention can be on you. Should you wish, you will then be able to join a group of like-minded people to help expand ones own consciousness and share your experiences.

Our Meditation method allows the body and mind to create a pathway to your higher self that you can use at any point in your life. We also teach walking meditation, which can be invaluable in a working place or challenging situations.


For further information please call Simon on 0758 448 3448 or e-mail