Simon Cameron-Webb

In 1998 my wife and I discovered that by resting my hand on the part of her body, which was in great pain, the pain disappeared. Having spent the majority of my working life up until then as a stockbroker I was both surprised and shocked to suddenly become aware of this gift. My children would play outside and if they hurt themselves they would run in an ask me to place my hand on the grazed knee, afterwards they would say that it had taken the hurt away. Others started to ask for healing. From here my journey began.

15 years and 700 treatments later I have seen immense changes in peoples lives. I have facilitated many people to shift from negativity and unhappiness to observe them enjoy their lives once more. I feel eternally grateful for this gift and have decided to dedicate my life to helping others through Healing The Soul.

In 2002 I became a Master in Usui System of Healing. I subsequently found and developed a Meditation process connecting us to our inner knowledge. Later I developed my personal system of Soul Healing.

I spent 4 years meditating, being given lessons and understandings of life. I offer to pass those learning’s onto you through Healing The Soul and the Channelled Word.

It is my intention to teach a new way of life, liberating you from damaging beliefs and conditions that restrict your happiness. I work to expand your consciousness of energy and health by providing as much information as possible about releasing disease and emotional pain.


For further information please call Simon on 0758 448 3448 or e-mail