Simon came into my life at a time of difficulty. He showed great kindness and healed me through a deep consistent unconditional love. His treatments left me feeling better and more able to cope with life until eventually I was OK on my own. I would recommend his healing to anyone that is suffering from emotional or physical unwellness.

Jacqueline Surrey 

Simon is a gentle man with a strong connection to the divine light. He is truly gifted, generous and calm in nature. Simon is a pure channel through which Spirit brings relief, health and the healing power of love to others.

Tim Sussex

I went to Simon because I was struggling to cope with anxieties and was becoming overwhelmed by my emotions. In the session we had a chat and Simon was really friendly, relaxed and open and related to what I felt needed healing in myself so I didn't feel embarrassed. Simon did an energy field check to see what else was going on around me. Then the healing was really relaxing. I was bottling up a lot of my emotions and he was very calm and reassuring throughout. Afterwards we had a wind down chat and he called a day or two later to check on me. All was good. Highly recommended.

Abbi Hertfordshire



For further information please call Simon on 0758 448 3448 or e-mail info@healingthesoul.co.uk