Distance Healing

Distance Healing is a tool used to help people that are too far away or too ill to travel.

Distance healing works in the same way as prayer. It sends a healing intention with love and care to the recipient.

The healer opens up to channel the energy as if a physical treatment was about to take place. However with distance healing the healer will concentrate on the details of the request and ask for the healing energy to be received.

Distance healing can take the form of a detailed hourly treatment or as a general healing sent for the well-being of that person.

Every healing request receives our undivided individual attention. We take special time to send this healing and have found that it is more beneficial the more detail that we have of the complaint. We recommend that you complete the healing request form by clicking the button below. 

We will notify you when the healing has been sent. We would like you to let us know how the recipient is progressing and if any further healing is required.

Distant healing request can be made by writing to us, telephoning us or by emailing via this website link below.


For further information please call 0758 448 3448 or e-mail info@healingthesoul.co.uk