The Channelled Word

Love is the most powerful emotion we can have. Spirit love is whole, independent of emotion or judgement. It is given by one spirit to another and is eternal and free. Earthly love can be conditional, on an act or subject to a condition. Which one would you prefer to give and receive?


The journey in our lives is ours. The lessons we learn are ours. Look un to yourself for the answers as you alone can discover your truth.

In the afterlife there is no trying to beat the other because there we are one with all.
As one man takes from another there can only be hate yet what man claims to be his can only be given by God.
When life is tough and you feel darkness I wish I could show you the astonishing light of your being.
You know the more that times passes the more I can feel the pain and confusion of the world. It is so sad that people can’t align themselves with the spirit they truly are. The values, beliefs and conditions people put upon themselves and others, which makes what is really natural " happiness and love " so hard to achieve. They have forgotten the overwhelming wonderment, pleasure, happiness and love, which are given by helping others in the smallest way. We sit in spirit world together forever, sharing experience and knowledge to form and expand the universal consciousness, but here we sit independent, alone, conditioned, unable to be open to share our knowledge and honestly with others in fear of being judged. How sad and unconnected the world has become.
In spirit there is no judgment but rather an assessment of the situation with the loving wish to help.  As a human there are judgments of others based on the small amount of knowledge we acquire during this life. If I my lord shall be filled with thy love then there shall be no room for the darkness of jealousy, hate, revenge, pride and judgment of others.

Someone asked me if it's normal to feel depressed, my reply was as follows: " Do not fight, but, accept how you feel today with the knowledge that should you choose its is not how you will feel in a week or a month. Everything is within your control, let go of the past knowing that is its only you that can bring the past in to present. Accept with grace and love the gift of change, knowing that tomorrow brings a learning, excitement, security and love back in to your life."

A friend made me a dream catcher for my birthday. It was beautiful. She had a very strong connection with her partner which both are struggling with. Lots of insecurity because of the energy and what it means between them. I said: " Your insecurities surround your issues as humans. You fear loss, not of each other but of the connection. It is the energy connection you must trust, not each other.  As it is independent of each other, so trust your connection and work on the human issues.” 
Someone asked me what my healing was like, I said " To provide strength to the heart, to forgive others and provide understanding to release the past and showing them the endless positives of taking just one small step forward. "
Life is simply the preparation for our transformation to death.  It is with this knowledge that our body decays but our spirit is eternal. During our lives we learn and our eternal karma to others is created. We travel through our lives with the same souls learning from each other and repaying our karma debts. We bring eternal calm through our karma thoughts and behavior to others. When we pass we wait for those souls that have lived with us, re-entering the earthly form together until such time we owe no karma debt and have found only love and peacefulness in our hearts.


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